Adelaide South Australia, – art in the streets.

Adelaide, South Australia,  has been my home city for the past 60 years and it still retains a colonial direction which has successfully blended  with  modernism.  All over the city are small pockets of the past blended with the flamboyance of the new and I embrace it all with enthusiasm.

A few days ago,  I took the trusty camera and wandered with friends capturing the ambience of the street.

The history colonial beehive corner dwarfed but enhance by a new modern office building.
Tucked away in a dusty lane I found the rules for the East End Produce Market.
Just fascinating.


But turn the corner and venture in to Rundle Street, one is transported into the present with a street lined with Restaurants and I presume this door is the gateway to a Nightclub, now silent and a little worse for wear in the daylight hours.


You even find wild life right in the middle of the city.






Walk the lanes off the main street and there is a riot of colour on the walls




This young Busker always commands an audience.







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  1. Joan Polakoff says:

    All of your posted photos are compelling, but these also give the viewer an understanding of the environment you experience daily. it would be difficult to be anything but exhuberant with this visual stimulation all around. But then, you do have to be the type of person to SEE and FEEL all this color and line. You are fortunate to be able to absorb and appreciate it all.
    What a great “eye”! Thanks for sharing with us all.

  2. I love your photography and I love your subject matter. Your posts are aways a joy to read and full of inspiration. Thank you for another great post!

  3. Julie Tebay says:

    Just fascinating, thank you for sharing your view of the world.

  4. You’ve captured the old and the new of Adelaide, without having to show the City of churches side. By the way, your title shot with the black and white tiles is familiar but I can’t place it. Where is it?
    All things French and francophone in Australia

    1. Pam Holland says:

      I think its Gays arcade.

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