Walking in Paducah today

The morning was mellow. A sight mist settled over the river and the sun t6urned everything gold.


I began to walk from my hotel down into the town.


The streets were quiet because it’s  a Saturday, but it was my intention to walk and take photos without obstruction. I only had a short time to explore before I had more official duties, but today I decided on a typical breakfast in town.

I walked past quaint stores,


Quaint fire hydrants.


I stopped at the local weekend market and listened to the blue grass band playing under a small tent. I love the Dobro and I was so pleased that this gentleman played a solo.


And I watched with delight as small squirrels played on the yarn bombed trees.


I’m here in Paducah Kentucky and it’s the home of Quilting and the dedicated Quilter.

You may not understand that this industry is actually a 3 billion dollar a year industry with 23 million quilters in the USA. That’s equal to the entire population of Australia.

The city embraces the people who come from all over the USA and Internationally to attend textile art displays created by todays masters.


However, in this post I only have time to share my walk this morning.

I loved the unique nature of the city. Everyone was so friendly and stopped me to chat. I do admit that the I had to listen very hard through the unfamiliar accent. But it was fun.



This is the mannequin in the stall at the old Columbia Theatre.

I had a super breakfast amongst the local families, I had a wonderful time people watching. My Omelette was hot, spicy and delicious and I had a wonderfully creative few hours.

I have many more images of the quilts but that has to wait till tomorrow. ( I hope)


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  1. Pamela armas says:

    Well I must say that I am enjoying reading your posts .
    I have never taken the time to ready people’s posts. Just too darn busy!

  2. Kimberly Scarborough says:

    Beautiful Photo’s! Eight friends spend a week there (2 “first timers”) and I must say..It never gets old! Creativity everywhere. I Learned so much! Thank you Pam!

  3. glendajean says:

    Squirrels made me smile, I saw black ones in Canada and white ones in North Caroline and was so surprised at how small they were?

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