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Quilts from AQS Quilt week

I guess the quilts speak for themselves so while I have fast internet in my apartment here in Dallas, I’ll share as many as I can

I was struck by the technical as well as visual quality of this lovely quilt

Magical made by Joanne Baeth – Bonanza, OR.




I’m a judge and I look at every quilt in detail. Having photos to go back over gives me a better perspective.

Grown too soon: – The boys of the Mines. – Patricia Kennedy Zafred, Murraysville, PA


Taking the Unmapped Road, Margaret Solomon Gunn, Gorham, ME





It takes ages to get puttees images into the blog and I will do more tomorrow.


  1. pamela armas says

    Now I know for sure that I am “not” a quilter! This work is not only beautiful but amazing…… I love the Japanese quilt. Thanks again for sharing.


  2. It is so wonderful that you share with those of us who can’t travel to Paducah to see the show in person. I always enjoy your photographs and also your quilts!
    Thank you so much.


  3. Wow, those are just wonderful. Real works of art. I knew that quilting was a big hobby, especially in the US, but have never seen anything like this. Thank you for sharing.


  4. Deb Bradbury says

    OMG…some of these quilts you are showing us are mind blowing….some very talented people out there. Thankyou for sharing with us…


  5. Marlene Ham says

    Your work is absolutely wonderful. I accidentally clicked into it on face book.
    Such beautiful work. Thank you for sharing


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