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There is a connection.

There is a connection.

It’s got nothing to do with age, religion, or even culturally, it’s a gut feeling and often a chance meeting turns into a gentle friendship.
“It’s nice to meet someone who gets it” was a comment made recently.

“Yes it is indeed”

I met Pamela Armas, “Pamela Gypsy” a few years ago in NM at an event.
Last year, she bought her booth to our event at Alamogordo NM and a creative understanding began.

As artists we embrace the opportunity to spend time and learn from like minded creative individuals. Other than having the same name, Pamela and I became interested in each other’s talents.  Pamela is a Mixed media artist and a doll maker extraordinaire, and I dabble in any art to do with Textiles so it was an interesting connection.

My home base when I’m in the USA is in Alamogordo NM and it just so happens that Pamela lives in Mountainair NM, just a few hours north of us.

“Come visit my studio” said Pamela.

So friend Lisa and I did two weeks ago.

Lisa and I have been taking what we call “Thelma and Louise” road trips for more years than I can count and they have become our signature adventures, an apostrophe in our busy lives.    Conversation never ends, we sing Christmas Carols, 70’s songs and really anything thing that has heart pounding harmony as we travel.






Our visit to Mountain-air



These are some of the old buildings in the town. A town of Artistic endeavours the resident artists have transformed this small rural town into an artistic expression. If you just take the time to wander you find fascinating things.












The interior shots are from Gypsy Pamelas wonderful class and galleries.















  1. Joan Polakoff says

    This post is even more of a visual treat than usual. WOW, ❣️Your esthetic and Pamela’s seem to mesh perfectly. Thanks once again, for sharing.


  2. quiltmaze says

    Hi, Pam. Travel is my passion too. So much to see! Love the colours of your travels.
    I was wondering if you could tell me the app you use on your iPad for sketching? Just recently purchased a pencil but Leary to try just any app.


  3. Pamela armas says

    Oh MY gosh! The pictures are fabulous and I had to look twice at a few of them to realize tha t they were really in Mountainair.

    Your write-up was very, very nice and I truly enjoyed your time here at my studio/ home/ gallery. Hugs from the Gypsy, Pamela


  4. Pam thanks for sharing these amazing photographs of Pamela’s works and what surrounds her. Very inspirational. I’ve been fortunate to visit New Mexico three times, twice as an adult and once as a child traveling with my family. It such a wonderful place to visit and explore.


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