My art my joy.

I’m still get surprised that people are interested in my ideas.

I’m overwhelmed and my heart flies when students smile, are happy and suddenly realise that they can immerse from the ‘basic’ edge, when they can fly too!

Then when I think about it, I work hard to create new ideas, new techniques in quilting simply for my personal challenge.

I have to say I would find absolutely no excitement in designing a pieced block or a pieced quilt….but I admire those who do because we are all different and that’s the nature of being in our industry.

I admire diversity and I admire beautiful quilting and I just love color combinations. So today has been an absolute feast for me playing host to the huge array of beautiful pieces on show.

Walking the floor today, I came across amazing art pieces that made me sigh audibly and some I just didn’t photograph because I’ve seen the genre so many times.

Swim Team by Betty Busby…….. Oooooooh, I love this.
I love everything about this quilt.

These quilts are shared in the order that I took them. It’s difficult to photograph in low light and I do have some shadows over the labels… but, well, that’s just the best I could do.

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  2. Pippa says:

    They are beautiful Pam . And I notice a colour theme running through the ones you have posted ! I also love the warm colours 💕 . I had a wonderful time in your class , and my House of Whimsy is a great reminder of those days , and my time in Oman . Thank you .

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