A New Year is like a blank book, and the pen is in your hands. It is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself.

Goodness me what will the year bring?

My calendar tells me that there are only a few squares spare. The blank squares announce a day, a day to myself to fill with ‘my stuff’

My journey in Textile Art will take me to The Dominican Republic, USA, Mexico, India, Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, France and finish at a workshop in Germany with Claudia Pfeil and the Tent Makers of Cairo.

Not too shabby for a Grandma.

I’m going to write a story a day.

So, the blank book is prepared and each day I will enter a prose or two. A photo or three and it begins today.

Narrative snapshots

Diary entries create a series of snapshots. Each entry is a snapshot recorded and fixed in time, reflecting your moods, feelings and insights at any moment. Each entry is individual, but together they preserve and reveal a reality, which cannot be changed but can be reflected on and re-storied to provide healing and guidance for today and tomorrow. The diary is potentially a great teacher. The challenge is to learn its lessons.

I’ve had a quiet day today, home alone and I had to change a few appointments and add more to the list. Sometimes I feel the need to clear the brain to prepare it

The case is already on the bed amongst piles of clothes and sundries for a month away. I don’t do lists, they annoy me, I figure I’m a big girl I can do it in my head.

The quilts below are small, but they are journals in fabric.

Drawn in Mexico

And these are drawn journals that sometimes turn into quilts

Sketch book Journal.
Part of my Mothers Journal

The journal on the left was my Mothers Favourite… it’s 100 pages and she read a page each day to the ladies who had breakfast with her in the Nursing Home. I have about 5 of these.

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  1. Carol Tyree says:

    I am a fan…thank you for sharing your world to expand mine. I appreciate and admire (ok, a little yearning for) your amazing talent. Happy New Year.

  2. Rebecca Ellis says:

    Love your blogs. Love your art. Looking forward to learning from you again. Ready for Alamogordo in June. Safe travels and may you find new inspiration in every day of your adventures.

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Than k you Rebecca. lots more this year.

    2. Pam Holland says:

      Rebecca, thank you so much. I will be there in a few weeks making preparations.

  3. Sita Dubeau says:

    I am really enjoying the richness of your thread painting and the wonderful detail throughout. Thank you for a beautiful way to start the new year.

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