The way it is.

I’m creating a year long time capsule. I may not be able to do it each day, but I will try to capture just a little bit daily.

You may be interested, maybe it’s boring, but it’s a social experiment on my behalf.

I have an application called’ Day One’ on my phone, Ipad and Computer. This is todays entry, and this is how it looks on my computer, there are images of things I like, colour schemes, URL, recipes… they are all there ready for me to go back and sample at any time.

It helps me keep track, of what I’m doing. This is a sample of a few days ago. I was looking up information on the Ancestor Paintings I bought. The images on the right are day to day captures and act as a memory of what happened on that day.

Explanation over I will add that the day has been taken up with the mundane, shopping, cleaning, washing and ironing and for me it’s a bit of a novelty. I never get sick of doing them because I can’t do things in that form when I travel. Often the washing is sent out or done very badly in the shower by me and hung in the wardrobe so as not to mess up my room.

Of course food is generally provided for me, I have limited choice so today I dust off the traveling coffee pot, personal cutlery, plate, bowl and cup to put back in my luggage for this trip.

These are the plates I travel with, the bronze cutlery is still in NM. but others work well.

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  1. Lynice Thirkell says:

    I doubt that it will ever be boring Pam

  2. glendajean says:

    My Bags are packed almost to Pam LOL Looking forward to seeing and learning about places and their history ??? I learn so much other than just textile when travelling with you ?

  3. darlenekh says:

    I so badly want to go on one of your tours. problem is that my vacations are planned through 2023. are you planning to have your tours still going in 2024?

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Oooh too far ahead for me.

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