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It takes guts if you are a Graffiti artist and you come up against a group of quilters of middling age.

And then there was Joe, a young man who loved graffiti and who walked out of class so excited and enthused because he mastered quilt illustration on his thread graffiti piece. He works at the quilt store and I’m going to visit him again when I get back to town. Hugs Joe it takes guts to spend a day with a group of women quilters.

Quilters are definately Heart Rich !

I had a huge lump in my throat this morning when I was taken to see a wall of Geraldine quilts made by 8-13 year old girls in a community that has some incredible challenges. I’m sure you would be filled with pride if these were your Grandies. I’m sure you would have admired the young people, all in their orange shirts who spent an entire day with us. Their youthful spirit put to the test as we asked them to carry machines, help set up booths and then take a quilting class with Miss Sue for a few hours.

We need you. Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts.

We have a small committee of devoted volunteers and great support from the first National Bank of Alamogordo. The community are involved, the police, border control, the Mayor, the Library, the county and the local quilt shop and city merchants. To date $60,000 have been put back into the community through our Quilting event, “The Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts.