A shout out for the young people learning that a quilt is a piece of art.

I shout it from the rooftops that we need to  encourage the younger generation to take up a needle and thread.

Our event, the Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts does just that.

A group of young people dressed in orange with  “Ambassador” on their back worked tirelessly to help set up the event, serve in the food court and assist the ladies in class by bringing in machines and the baskets of supplies needed.


Thank you.

We have a dedicated organizer to hep them and they work as a well oiled machine despite many of them are quite young.

They also have the opportunity to take classes from Miss Sue. creating their own small quilts.

One young man called  Reese, aged 11, didn’t want to leave the class room and he completed 5 small quilt tops at the event.



They cut the images free hand from fabric that had pre-pared fabric with fusible. I just love this image.



I love their enthusiasm.

Thank you again.





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