We need you. Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts.

There is something special about an event that everyone enjoys. The photo above shows that I even change my hair to red sometimes for the occasion.

We in Alamogordo have had 6 years of fun,  incredibly hard work both emotionally and physically and yet, we’ve pulled it off.


We have a small committee of devoted volunteers and great support from the first National Bank of Alamogordo. The community are involved, the police, border control, the Mayor, the Library, the county and the local quilt shop and city merchants. To date $60,000 have been put back into the community through our Quilting event, “The Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts.


Let me say first. Everything is donated for this event and I think that is something special in itself. Its not a business or money making event and I actually pay to go, all the way from Australia because I have to catch a plane and hire a car…. but, its special.!

Sue Rassmusen has also donated her time as a tutor and I’m really thrilled at the prospect. This is her second year and she has rallied the fabric companies to come on board with us.

Aurifil, and Luana Rubin of Equilter have also substantially assisted us with thread and fabric.  A Huge thank you.

So what are we doing in this small New Mexican town and County?



First of all we are having fun through the art of Quilting.

Secondly we are making the lives of 1000’s of children just a little more comfortable and affordable with our donations to their programs.


Thirdly we are creating a community of people from all walks of life through our art. The city comes together as one. With over 50 booths,  fine local food and help from the locals we are making it happen.


You, the participants in class get to take a class from Sue or myself and I always teach three new classes and techniques.

This year is ‘Finding Frida”

Click to link to classes.

Its a day class where you will create ‘Frida’ raw edge applique, but its not just that. You will create your own fabric with pen and pencil. In one day, you will assemble Frida, if you d0 a two day class you can create the rest of the quilt by using the same techniques to draw your own applique blocks.

It’s unique. You style and design your own quilt. You create your own appliqués using my designs and patterns. To heck with using those darn colouring books.. make it worth while, do it on fabric and add it to your quilt.

frida - Version 2



The next quilt has been taught once before. It was a huge hit and everyone completed the lady in a day. It looks fabulous.

Its just called the Woman.

I found an old, very thin embroidered cotton tablecloth in one of the antique malls in the city. I paid $12 for it and it is the background for the quilt.


I spend hours visiting thrift shops in the area looking for goodies that we can use in our quilting pursuits. But not only that I look for color and textural ideas. This quilt is made using an antique cotton table cloth purchased for $12 so effectively we are re-purposing fabric. I get so excited.



The third  quilt is  a mixed media memory quilt.

You can create your own ideas with  will use found objects for the background of the quilt.

I used linen that I had dyed with plants. A page from an old book an illustration of the rabbit drawn in  pigment ink.

You can add what ever you like but I have s0me illustrations with me for you to trace, and I have also purchased some interesting found objects like old linen, embroideries etc.

Its a very creative class.

The rabbit is traced onto the fabric with pen and small pieces of fabric added.


I’ve used a sewing machine to stitch it, but I am also doing a lot of hand stitching on the sample…. you know what its like… still working on the process.


Now the other exciting thing is that my wonderful friends from Mexico are bringing their exhibition to the event. Its an exhibition that has already traveled the world. Its worth coming to see that too.





This year we have a lot for young people. We have a huge ten set up outside the  entrance and the young people of the area are going to demonstrate their ‘robotics’

Not only do we raise money for the community we are involving young people to the max, boys and girls 4H, the Robotics group and a group of young ladies that we have donated sewing machines too.

Everyone is welcome to visit us its going to be a super event.

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  1. Ida says:

    When is it?

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Ida, it begins on the 22nd of June, until the 25th.

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