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That’s it folks. No more time. Quilts from the International Quilt Festival Houston

This has to be my last post with the quilts from the International Quilt Festival Houston.

I didn’t have time to work yesterday because I had adventures of another type well away from the genre of Quilting. Luana Rubin and I were given the honor of a visit deep into the body of the Nasa Ground Control by Dr Jack Bacon and Astronaut Victor Glover at the Johnson Space centre. It was an honor and I thank them both most sincerely for the amazing opportunity.

Talking Textiles.

  I found this wonderful book today and the designs took my breath away.   Sometimes, just out of the blue, you connect to something you come across. I found this book this morning as I was passing the book store on the way to the chemist. On opening it, my heart skipped a beat and I had to take it home with me. How wonderful to be privy to the creative genius of sisters Sarah Collier and Susan Campbell who worked alongside each other for 50 years. I adore their patterns, the painterly and sketched effect of their fabric and of course the colors. There are not many fabric designers who draw the patterns for their own fabric line. Some designers are presented with patterns from companies and color them in their own style, others rely on artists to draw the final designs from the named designers sketches. Its often the name that captures your attention So these designers are refreshing, and exciting, they   Sarah Campbell – image source Talking Textiles Now I …

  I've finally had time to sit at the computer and begin work on my photos. I will add albums each day to my web page and I ask that you respect the owner of the quilts by not downloading and distributing the images. Quilts    click the word to view. This is my 12th consecutive year at Houston. This event has been good to me, I've been lucky enough to win BOS and numerous other awards over the years. I also won the Jewel Pearce Patterson Award and I have a loyal band of followers from all over the world who visit each year. Good morning Pati from Mexico…. (she has coffee with me each morning) Walking those big red carpeted aisles each day brings forth new ideas, new images, old friends and acquaintances. This year, I've seen innovative ideas in fabric design. A new machine for quilting and for the first time museum quality antique textiles. You can find the ordinary and mundane… mixed with the exciting and new. I bought vintage handwoven kimono …

Last day of Long Beach

It was a little quieter yesterday. The hustle and bustle had gone and I was able to spend good quality time looking at the quilts. It seemed that almost half of the quilts were labeled 'No photographs' I'm not going to comment, but I did hear a lot of rumbling from viewers. The quilts I could photograph are the stars. I snapped this photo of one of the happy viewers. Harrier Hunting, by Ruth A Powers. Orange Lilies by Terry Grant. Portland Oregon. This is one of the 12 X 12 series and I think these are my favorite quilts. If you ever get the opportunity to see them take the time to look at them in detail, they are wonderful.     Central Park, Kirsten Duncan, Townsville Queensland. Kirstens Quilt is one of the 12 X 12 series. I think all of the machine companies were represented and I'm particularly interested in the sweet 16 from handiquilter. I didn't see a lot of notions, I don't know, but from my casual observation I didn't …

Lets feature a quilt.

Walter Langley – The Old Quilt (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I'm rather tired tonight, the legs are refusing to move and yet I still have to walk to the restaurant for dinner. So I decided to feature a quilt…. I will try to add more before I go to bed, but its been a busy day.             I think this is a wonderful quilt. I can't remember what section it is in, but I will tell you tomorrow…   The Artist.   The structure of this shell is wonderful. The seaweed pods are so realistic. great quilting. I think this is an amazing quilt…..  

International Quilt Festival of Ireland

Just home from the opening event at the first International Quilt Festival of Ireland. Its almost 12.00 and I have to be up at 5.00 am. Pam Holland, Sharon Pederson, Alan Tremain, Luana RubinAt the VIP pre dinner event. The youngest Quilter in Ireland. Aged just 7, she was asked, "how long have you been quilting" her answer, "all my life" Hopefully I can share a blog tomorrow.

It's fun unpacking the bags…. this is what I had to look forward to… fabric collected during the travels. Cottons and hand dyes… wonderful silks and of course… the fabulous Cherrywood fabric. We had sent a few boxes on ahead, most of this was in those packages… It's 3 in the afternoon and I've hit the wall, washing, ironing, shopping and vacuuming… I have a voice over to do for the Quilt Show video, but I don't think I can concentrate. So I think I have to retire to the house and a sup a coffee…. Haven't even been home 24 hours but I did have time to catch up with the 3 youngest grandies…