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Recently on another list there was a wonderful idea posted. 

It was also mentinoned on a few other Quilt lists today.

The image below is the  identification of my quilt, Woven watercolors  Fish No 3 and for the first time will serve as the label.


Its a QR code and  you can go on line, create your own code and put  the details you need into it…

The information in this litte square covers much more than I could normally put onto a label.

It covers the idea for design, the fabric, and all my information etc.

OK. I will go out of date sometime and maybe in 50 years or more it may be considered an oddity… however. right now whilst I'm around it's and interesting concept.

I have a record in my computer, in my file and on my quilt. The written information covers the basics.

I just need to zap it with my Iphone app and it tells me all the information.  In fact, I can create this code with my phone, send it to my computer and print it out….

So I printed it out on fabric and I'm sewing it to the back of the quilt.


I purchased some beautiful white Japara recently.

(What is Japara)?

Waxed cotton

Waxed cotton is as the name suggests, is cotton impregnated with a paraffin based wax, woven into a cloth. Widely used from the mid-19th century to the mid-1950s, the product which originated in the sailing industry in Scotland, became widely used by many to make themselves waterproof.

As wax and cotton are both natural products, they decay and reduce in effectiveness over time. To reduce this decay, waxed-cotton products should never be stored in a damp condition, but dried gently.

I bought it for an experiment, and it works…. the picture of the Arty Artichoke was printed on my Japara. it has a very high thread count.

The wax causes it to shrink a little when you put the iron on the fabric.  I put fusible web on the back to put it through the printer for a project I'm doing… when I ironed the fusible to the fabric, I got a few puckers…

So. I pressed the pieces very well, and put it through the printer as is (without any backing) …. voila… it works…

I had to print images for my thread paiting course and I had a wonderful assistant. Tilly waited for them to come from the printer… she gently took the sheets to the iron and smoothed them out ready for me to iron…

"Ready now Bamma" I ironed them and she put them in the file ready for travel.

what a treat.

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  1. Kim says:

    really cool! I might have to do this. I had to download an app for it so i could see what it said…

  2. Kim Q says:

    And it works with the barcode scanner on a Motorola Droid too. 😉

  3. Lynn says:

    That is so cool – just downloaded a QR reader to my phone and it read the QR code about your Fish 3 quilt. (that black and white box on your blog entry) I think that is such a good idea I may try it on the quilt I am just finishing. Will make some people wonder though.

  4. Just another reason I need to update my phone. . so jealous here! What an awesome idea!

  5. peg says:

    i acquired my dh’s blackberry and might have to go upgrade so i can do that for my labels also….pam where did you purchase your japara fabric..am trying to find a dealer in the usa….love your work…peg in ks

  6. Pam Holland says:

    Peg. You can do the labels online… there are a lot of sites regarding Qr code.
    I bought the Japara at one of our local stores…. not sure where you can buy it in the USA sorry

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