Textiles at the Chatachak market.

I’ve been visiting Thailand almost every year for the past 36 years.
3 of our children were born in Thailand and two of our other children worked here  for some time, so its a bit like a home away from home. 
Lets just say its very familiar to us.
Each year brings new surprises and our visit to Chatuchak Weekend Market today was no exception. I found amazing bargains and just gorgeous stuff.

Its hard for keith though, He diligently carries the cameras and hates shopping so he gets the raw end of the deal.
The market  covers 35 acres and there are over 8000 shops. Last year I discovered a number of young fashion designers who have booths there.  I bought a number of garments and they are excitingly different, I wore them all year, specially for teaching. The designs have an art aspect to them. 

At home or in the US, each garment would cost around $80, today I paid $9 each for them.
Considering the price, today I added another 7 tops to the collection.  I love the designs. They look rather Japanese and I wonder if they make them for the Japanese and Korean market.
Textiles in the form of garments, embroidery, bags, shoes are bought in from all over Thailand and mainly from the  northern areas like Chiang Mai 

These little gems will go to one of our ‘little people’ design, texture, embroidery even when you’re one year old.

Of course there is a lot of silk, woven in the North of the country and bought down to Bangkok for sale. I need to investigate if further.

Fine Thai cotton. I really like this fabric, its so cheap to buy. I think it might make a great background for a quilt… I will try to get more in Chiang Mai.


The silk is gorgeous, its cheaper, coarsely woven silk… it’s around $4 each for one of these scarves.

I didn’t buy silk here, I bought a lot of  silk in India, and I really need a purpose for it to buy it. Right now, I’m in a bit of a creative block with it, but the cotton is another story.
The cotton scarves in the centre photo above are great, I bought 3 last year and because they are smaller than a shawl, I wore them almost every day. At just $3 each they are a good bargain. When I opened up the bag, they were packed like this with a hair tie around each one to match the color of the scarf. I think its a super Idea for storage. I have a huge number of scarves and they are hanging by the entrance of our  the walk in wardrobe, Its like walking through a fabric store. Storing them in a drawer, tied like this would save space… Oh, and great for travel.
The dresses on the right are not really my style, but they were well designed and made. I photographed them as an example, 200 baht each $7.50 US each. To be honest, you can’t go wrong, even if you just wear them a couple of times.
The bright colored taxis add such a burst of color to the roads (they also have orange ones) This image is of the entrance to the market as you walk off the sky train.
Talking of train, it costs us $4 for a day ticket and we can travel all over Bangkok for that price.

The food we enjoy most in our family is Thai food and in particular ‘street food.’


This lady was selling mangoes and its one of the fruits I can eat without an allergic reaction. At home, the desert, sticky rice and mango costs around $10 per serve, here on the street, served beautifully its around $1.50

Thailand is food.  The Thais have a passion about their cuisine,  its so easy to make and for the most part its not deep fried. People are eating at any time of the day or night (and they are all skinny)  When Rachael lived here I hopped on her bike and rode down the street to buy a feast for the family for $15 and its one of those things I long for after traveling the US. I cook Thai green curry as soon as I get home.
When I’m here I eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.!!! a feast for the palette.
Today at the market, we didn’t sit with the ‘Farangs’ foreigners, we found a seat at the local stalls and ordered chicken and rice, mango salad, Numanow, (fresh lemon drink) a delicious, refreshing and healthy meal for the two of us. $10. Yummo.
The noise is tremendous, loud voices shouting orders, the sound of fork and spoon on plate, the big pots bubble away hiding some delicious delicacy in its base. The lady who owns the stall chops our chicken on a chopping board out in the open and it is served with a flourish, topped with mint and fresh basil.  They are so proud of their  creations, and rightly so.
However, before this meal, my first stop was to have the milk of a coconut, for $1, its immature (Green) and the milk is clear and a little fizzy. Next you scoop the soft white gelatinous coconut flesh out with a spoon. If you’re hot and getting a little tired… this is a certain pick me up.
Then of course we had sticky rice and mango, just because we could.

Our visit was over, Keith had had enough and he feels the heat more than I do, so back on the sky train and a short boat ride to our hotel. The enjoyment is to spread out the purchases of the day and touch all of the exciting things… (well I do that, Keith gives it a 

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  1. Carolyn says:

    I am going to have to go back and explore. There is so much I haven’t seen.

    1. Pam says:

      Of course, I’ve not seen it all despite being here so often.

  2. Laurietigner says:

    This was the highlight of my day….loved it.

    1. Carmen Fernandez says:

      I really like to read you. It looks like you enjoy everything. Thanks Pam

  3. Caron says:

    Loved the shoes!!! And the scarves and the fabric and especially the colors!! Thank you for sharing!!

    1. pam says:

      Caron, you’re welcome… its a bit hard not getting the blog up onto FB, but we are only here for a few more days then off to the country, so hope its better.

  4. Pamela Graham says:

    Today I am reminded of my college History Professor when reading your blog….I could close my eyes and be wherever he described the lesson was at that time. You give us that feeling….I thank you with all my heart! Pamela Graham

    1. Pam says:

      Pamela, glad you enjoyed it. Thailand is such a feast for the eyes… especially Bangkok.
      Today we will go into the bowels of china town to find the small village where they make the monks bowls… then we will sample the chinese fare.

  5. pam says:

    Laurie, You’re welcome… I just love this place as you can tell and I embrace the fact that fabrics are so divine… and cheap… its the way it should be.

  6. Barbara van Gasteren says:

    Thank you for sharing, it has transported me back there, I love it there

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