The “I am Pam Holland” Blog.

This is the first blog I’ve attempted in the new web page format.  I can’t do too much yet because my wonderful computer guy is still configuring it. Bless him.                                                             The blog is called     “I am Pam Holland”   Just in case you need to know!!

The “Capture and Create” page will be created in a magazine format and there will be a shop, photography page, video, eventually classes and lots more.

So let me share the quilt shown below. I haven’t decided on a title yet, maybe you could suggest one?

Working on the bird.

The fabric I pieced in the background of this quilt was a small give away pack from Carolyn Friedlander.   These are some of the photos of her fabulous work that I photographed at Market in Houston.       I   love the graphic simplicity of her designs.



The bird is one I found printed on fabric… it was in a throw out box somewhere. “Oh, I need that” However, I could have drawn my own bird… I do have lots of designs in the sketch book. I re-colored the detail in black pen and then quilted it with 50 weight black cotton.                       I’ve begun to quilt the detail in Carolyn’s fabric and the red fabric was a hand printed piece of linen I bought in another scrap basket.     The tree is drawn with black pen and “illustrative quilted”   and the jolly pot that he will stand on is there to balance one of the orange squares considering the background is red. I will illustrate this too.   This is a quilt I can do when the whim to be creative temps me. I can put it down at any time and then pick it up and work on it in mindless creativity. I think you know what I mean.

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  1. devayanee kachare says:

    (Y) my dear O:) creative soul pam __/\__ namaste, god grace and bless you.. love n light oneness peace.. thanks for your soulful creative sharing.. rejoicing cheers (Y) love loving your soulful artworks and explanations wordings, you are a wonderfuLL ONEderfuLL god sent hue.. hugs 😎 <3 😎 deVa ~ * ~

  2. eileenkny says:

    So…you are incorporating both of your other blogs into this one?

    1. Eileen, yes, I had two other blogs but they are being exported into this one. I had difficulty adding photos and content in some countries as I traveled in one of the formats. I’ve written a blog for ten years now and this is a progressions of consolidating it all.

  3. Mary Jane Smead says:

    Very Nice blog

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Mary Jane, thank you. We’re working on it.

  4. Fran Williams says:

    Looks Good!

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Thanks Fran, we’re working on it.

  5. dianne newman says:

    Love the new blog! Hoping that Delphine’s Quilt shop will be able to get you back to Northern Michigan again!

    Your coffee groupie, Dianne

  6. Mary Ellen says:

    Name for the bird quilt: Nevermore. From the Poe poem: “Qoth the raven, nevermore.”

  7. carorose1 says:

    This is my third bookmake for your blogs! I like this one better than any other others and have put my bookmake up above the other two. I’m not going to delete those others as one can’t be quite sure what you will do next. What ever it is I will love it.

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