Notebook reminders.


Every now and then  I go through my notebooks in search of random writings and thoughts I’ve scribbled down here and there during the years.

There was the drive from Alamogordo to Durango recently, it was only 9 hours, but I listened to Christmas Carols and a story on my iPad, rejoiced in the sun and the blue sky and enjoyed the time I had to myself.

I was in a terrible situation in London a few years ago, where my luggage had been lost between NY and London. For 6 days I had no luggage and I was in deep despair. Finally it arrived and my Sister arrived in London. I was  so pleased to see a friendly face. We got to visit the Tate Modern Art Gallery. However, I associate the gallery with my traumatic event and it just shouldn’t be. Reading through the words bought back the emotion I felt on that trip.

An unexpected trip to the canals of Mexico with my friends while I was teaching in Mexico last year.

 Xochimilco is characterized by the existence of a system of canals, which measure about a total of 170 km  These canals, and the small colorful boats that float on them among artificially created land called chinampas are internationally famous. They are popular with Mexico City residents as well, especially on Sundays. I was taken there by Mexican friends and we had a wonderful day sailing gently on the canal and being entertained by musicians.

My  ritual is to collect these scraps of thoughts, experiences and cursive musings. I decipher patterns in my actions –my choices, delusional expectations and recreated memories — that I wrestled with throughout the year. I try my best to at least acknowledge them, and ultimately, I decide whether or not I want to continue doing the same things in the coming year.

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