Peach and Jalapeño jelly. – Oh my – then on to the Quilted Gardens.

The first morning in Shipshewana, Kaye and I had a day off and decided to explore. It threatened rain, and we felt the need for breakfast so Kaye took me to the Rise and Roll a bakery about 10 miles from Shipshewana.

Oh my goodness, Peach and Jalapeño Jam on fresh bread. Delicious. I couldn’t buy any because it was too heavy to take on the plane, but I’ve just found out I can buy it online.



In 2001, a young Amish couple established a bakery. They sold the goods  from their front porch at the time, gained a reputation for being high quality, preservative free, and amazingly delicious! In 2004, a small store front was established, and it was clear that, as the word began to spread, this was a product that was going to continue to grow in popularity! By 2008, they had outgrown this smaller facility, and it was again time to move.

The store is friendly, homely and you are welcomed with a smile and a free coffee, I think our breakfast of a savory muffin and a coffee scroll cost just under $5.00 for the two of us. We perched on high chairs like two budgies and laughed through breakfast.

Next stop. To find the quilt gardens Kaye drove and I navigated and I wasn’t a very good guide, but we fell upon about 6 of them. The first was at Ace Hardware. “Childs Joy of our Country”, 4,400 plants 900 square feet. Read the blurb on the sign image its really interesting. The gardens are difficult to photograph, but I think we did it justice.

There was also one of the traditional painted blocks on the wall of the Store.

Two more gardens.

It was a bit of a comedy errors on our trip, but we met interesting people, found great things to sample like giant Jelly Beans and we returned to Shipshewana quite pleased with ourselves for taking on the adventure.

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  1. glendajean says:

    How lovely that you were both able to have each others company on the quilt trial with great food, eye candy and laughter, thanks for sharing . Cheers Glenda

    1. Pam Holland says:

      It was certainly a lot of fun.

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