I’m home and I’m humbled.

I got an early start this morning and took time out to have a nice breakfast in the Club.


It’s interesting, irritating and fascinating watching people.

I was standing at the gate waiting to get on the plane.  I could hear a conversation that was less than interesting walking with its motivator down the corridor. I mean really, does the entire group of 100 or so passengers need to hear her life’s worries. I sure didn’t need to. Just talk a little quieter lady. Oblivious to rolling eyes and turned heads she popped herself down on the seat and continued her dialogue. So pleased I didn’t sit next to her on the plane, I actually caught the escalator behind her after her flight and I was still following the same conversation 90 minutes later.

Melbourne is a busy metropolis. Everyone has a phone. Waiting for the tram is a trigger to check you emails, and businessmen with wires sprouting out of their pockets entertain you with their dialogue. I learned some very interesting things.  Truly. Manners have disappeared folks.

Oh well, my trip to be with my son and his partner at the Children’s Hospital has ended.

I felt terrible leaving them today.

I felt I was abandoning them.

I felt I had a small part in learning more about baby Jay but I also felt a deep sadness that as a Mother and Grandmother I am powerless to help him.

The staff in PICU were more than wonderful. I can’t begin to express my admiration.

Its also admiration for those who donated the amazing machines and cot our little man was in. They are giving him life.

Jay has a carer 24 hours a day. He’s hooked up to dozens of wires it seems. His little tiny toes glow under the blankets and each movement captures your gaze. One tiny little arm escapes from his muslin swaddling blanket and its attached to a small board of wires, the other little hand reaches for freedom despite the efforts of the staff.

We just sit and watch him, I counted 12 lines of fluid attached to wires, pumps and pressure and being monitored on screens. There’s also his Mums milk dripping slowly into his little body and drains that need careful watching. How can a little man go through so much.

I just want to say, I thank each and every one of you for your thoughts and support. We thought he had passed the corner after his heart operation, but each day there is a little hiccup and it needs to be addressed. We never know what tomorrow brings.

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  1. jewelscircle says:

    I have been thinking of you and your Grandson. God is able.

  2. Sue Badcock says:

    Dear, Pam, love to you and your husband and family, you all have been through some harrowing times of late, I pray this eases for you and continue to pray for baby Holland , I guess this does take its toll ,so rest up and recharge for that new mum and dad, love to you , regards Sue Badcock . ps, so pleased you did manage to go for your walks In Melbourne xx

  3. Caron Mosey says:

    Sending prayers your way… for the little one and everyone who loves him. May he grow and thrive!!!

  4. Becky Peebles says:

    I will be praying for Jay and your family daily. My grandma hearts hurts with yours but I have hope. Becky
    Please keep me posted.

  5. Jean impey says:


  6. I will be praying for your little guy. I found you on Pinterest and love your work. I’m going to try to copy one of your animals to teach my self. Of cource it won’t look anything like yours. I’m tired of repetition quilting. Hugs , Julie from the mountains of California.

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