My world through the lens – capture and create.

I’ve not picked up the camera in two days, which is pretty much a record for me.

Capturing what I see is just something I do. Something I’ve done for as long as I can remember and it’s an integral part of my day. With the advent of digital imaging and smart phones, a photo is as close as the phone in your bag.


We can share them instantly on the web or with friends and family and visual communication is enhanced.

Often I have a theme to follow for the day, but sometimes it’s just the obvious or the ridiculous.


 5Z8A2539These images are from a day in Sydney recently, the beach and the shops. The trip will continue in my mind and imagination forever through the images.

They are not fancy images,  but the things I liked and viewing them again gives me a feeling of continued enjoyment.

And of course there are the images of home and the Grandies I carry with me always.

Today I embark on another trip to Guatemala and a feast of  color and texture. The camera will be present at all times and this aging gal develops muscles like no other carrying the equipment around, but the enjoyment of the images is worth the muscle aches.

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  1. creationsbycrafteecc says:

    love the lavender shot 🙂

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