Re-purposing and creating your own fabric.

When I have time to stop and create, I look for Genres that I love but I’ve not had the time to work through.

I have two new books that have given me some inspiration. The are the first to arrive out of 6 new interests.


Slow Stitch by Clare Wellesley Smith and Stitch and Structure by Jean Draper.

Slow stitch is a fascinating book. I’ve actually worked quite a lot in this genre, but it was  some time ago. Now its time to re-visit. I’ve been collecting vintage and antique textiles for many years now. Its time to use them.

This book is beautifully presented and it has some stunning images. I love Kantha Quilting, and I over a dozen vintage Kantha quilts. In reality, this is similar. use old fabrics and make something useful and new.


At an event once I showed a very old vintage quilt that I had purchased and a lady down the front put her hand over her mouth and said “She must be blind”

Well, I guess we all see beauty and use in the things that interest us. My favourite quilt find is a very old quilt filled with raw cotton and made from bright orange fabric and feed sacks. I actually put a new border of vintage feed sacks on it to make it last just a little longer. I sit under it every day.  Maybe I am blind, but I adore that old quilt.

My dear, dear quilt. I think one could call it an adult Blanky.


Pieced and Quilted sleeves.

I bought 3 sets of these sleeves that have been cut from Hmong costumes. They simply cut the sleeves off and sell them. Its sad, but great for me. I have several trunks of them.

I bought these in Chiang Mai this year. These are the wonderful textiles I will share with you on our next tour to Thailand.

Hand woven and embroidered.

They are stitched and coloured by hand and the cross stitch is minute. I just love them.

The squares for these little cross stitch blocks are 1/2″ square.

The other book is Stitch and Structure and the technique is very similar to the exhibition of Baskets at Art Gallery of South Australia, Taranathi  a contemporary Aboriginal Experience. I’m not sure I can do it, but its a wonderful book.


Yvonne, Koolmatrie.

I’m creating a quilt using found fabrics from Guatemala.

I’ve begun the construction of some of the small embroidered pieces.

The girl is one of my photos printed on fabric. The background fabric is hand woven, and dyed in Antigua.

Today I sandwiched the quilt and began to stitch the portrait.

I sketch the appliqué down with black thread.
Her body has bee thread painted.

Now I  can begin some of the hand quilting and adding the other small pieces of Textile Art I’ve already completed.


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    Wow Pam ..I am so impressed with your output are an inspiration ..thank you

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