Using Adobe Sketch for quilt and fabric designers.

Continuing on from yesterday.

This is not the best drawing I’ve done, but I’m working through the process right now. This is a pattern that I will re-create as an appliqué panel, but wanted to see if I could draw a quarter of the image and then see how it turns out when I mirror image it.

It’s an experiment

img_1239-4I began drawing with the graphite pencil in adobe sketch.

I the colored it in with the marker.

The good thing about coloring with the marker is that you can correct any inconsistencies because you can color over  mistakes.

I was juggling constantly and I think I really need to refine it.

When you click in the marker and choose the color you want to use, a small circle comes up with a size on it. The finest is a 1.5 and it goes up in size from there.   I use the 1.5 for the Graphite pen and for outlining with the marker.

You can see I have only colored in half of this image… I got impatient and I wanted to be certain that the pattern was going to work.

pattern drawn in pencil and colored with marker and paint.

Will it work, will I finish it or abandon it?


It works. It’s not fancy but it’s a start. So finish the coloring which is all done manually. I had to stop my self from trying to shade it to give dimension…!





This took about 4 hours to complete and I really don’t like the coloring when I see it in the piece, but its a start. Its a pattern.

I love this bog circle and it would look super embroidered, or created in wool or even inked in with Tsukineko pigment inks.


As a comparison, this image was drawn with pen and then I scanned it and colored it in the iPad.

FullSizeRender 15IMG_0856 2

It’s a bit crisper. It’s different. However, I’m sure I will be able to work through the process a little more to achieve my goal.

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  1. Falling over at the first hurdle. It seems the Sketch ap is a Photoshop add on. I cannot find Photoshop for IPads……

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Sally its called adobe sketch. Its a free app.(I think)

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