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“Art speaks where words are unable to explain”

Many people dismiss Graffiti as the work of a young man with destructive cans of paint in his posession.

Street Art is going through a revolution. It’s images can have meaning far beyond words. They become part of a universal language understood by all. Easy brush strokes, sharp sketches, and even graffiti evoke feelings that resonate with people from all walks of life. When barriers arise from language, distance, and culture, art can create a bridge to universal understanding and peace.

My friend Ginger and I braved 108 degree heat on the weekend to beat a path on the hot pavements to photograph the  art.

One of Phoenix’s most prominent art venues is Roosevelt Row. Located on Roosevelt Street between Central Avenue and Seventh Street, it hosts a variety of art fixtures such as Meejin Yoon’s “Shadow Play,” an art installation that was finished in July.

Named a “Great Place in America” by the American Planning Association, downtown Phoenix hosts a variety of entertainment venues, such as opera houses and theaters, but what sets downtown Phoenix aside from other cities is its bold art fixtures.

And the most prominent feature of Roosevelt Row is its street art, the colorful walls line the street.









  1. Created by Bella says

    Graffiti art can be beautiful: My oldest son use to do it. At first it was considered vandalism, then the local skate park asked to commission him, for his work.


  2. Heide says

    These pieces are MAGNIFICENT! I think you’ve illustrated beautifully the cultural value — and beauty — of street art. Wonderful post, Pam.


  3. Sue says

    We just left Phoenix’s (Chandler). I had no idea this area exists. Good thing we go twice a year – an interesting visit when the weather is cooler. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Nola says

    Thank you to both you and Ginger for braving the heat and sharing this amazing art with us.
    I spied some good quilt ideas too. See you when you are back in Oz. Hugs


  5. flossypatchedbritches says

    Your photographs are great, Pam. The art is amazing! Thank you for sharing.


  6. creationsbycrafteecc says

    such stunning wall art! loving seeing your pics 🙂 Cheers, Cathy


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