Capture and Create.

A work in Progress.



I’m floating a little here because my Web helper has done everything else and he will probably have a fit when he sees that I have created this page by myself.

I promised my African Group participants access to my African photos and I’m working on adding a gallery to this new format, I’ve not forgotten you.

We have the title of ‘Capture and Create’ on  the Banner on this new web page, but it’s not the special page I want to share with you all, so when I get to spend time with my web guy I will change it. As you know its Christmas and a bit difficult to  get some things done. In fact I have a brand new super-duper computer waiting to be set up… it will help a lot!!

Since being home I threw myself into establishing normalcy.    Traveling so much. there are so many things that slip under the radar and now with an extended period of time home here in the studio, that will change. No more spider webs outside the door and I’m getting the garden back into

In this format, I would like to share ideas and plans with you the people who know me, have been to a class or have traveled with our groups.  New techniques are on the radar and they often happen spontaneously. It would be good to have a group of like-minded folk to share them with.

a0586-6a00d8341c901053ef0120a6e706cc970b-piAs an example, this picture above  is one of my drawings of a visit to Sydney. The top one was in England. It’s the way I see things and I execute my vision of experiences through illustration which often becomes a piece of Textile Art.

I’ve not done them yet, but I’m happy for others to try.


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  1. Judy McElwee says:

    Hi Pam: Africa was so much fun, relaxing, making new friends and inspiring creativity. Pam. I believe your creative juices are flowing whatever you do or wherever you are. You are ONE talented lady. Wish I could participate in one of your classes. I would loved to have spent more time while we were in Africa with you and Keith. Please give him my best! And You, my dear lady KEEP up the GREAT work! ~Judy McElwee

  2. Pam Holland says:

    Judy, thank you.It was a wonderful trip, Keith and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip too, there is so much inspiration, I did four more drawings yesterday and eventually they will become a class.

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