I was dyeing to try it.




So the results are revealed.



I dissolved half a teaspoon of Alum powder in a little boiling water (swilling the liquid around to dissolve it)

The I added plant material and topped it up with water.

It was a super experiment and I will do more.


This was blackberry.

I love the colors in the thread.

This was lavender flowers, a bit of a surprise.
Agapanthus flower.
Gum leaves. Love it.
Another surprise, Marigold.

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  1. Prue Wheal says:

    Gum leaves and agapanthus for me please!

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Yes, the gum leaves were super, now I have linen laying out on the wet leaves to see what happens.

  2. synelgg says:

    The colours are amazing …I don’t know what you have planned but my brain has zoomed off in sparks at the possibilities !!

    1. Pam Holland says:

      It was interesting and I’m rather pleased with the results I will continue to do more.

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