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Conversations and Consternations

I been journalling and writing for more years than I can remember. First I wrote long hand in my journals. Then computers changed everything and I just wrote and wrote.

I tried many different formats and finally in 2005 I decided to write a blog. It was new, it was innovative and there were formats that made it easy to follow. It took me a while to master it and I really didn’t care if anyone read them. But they were my words. My thoughts, My ideas and I shared them freely. I never knew if anyone ever read them.

I had one such blog on blogspot. “The diary of the Traveling Quilter.” It was my first blog. Its still there in cyber space.


In 2007, I changed to Typepad and used that format for the next 7 years. However, it was often censored in some foreign countries  and it was also difficult to get images into the format I wanted.

In 2014 I changed to WordPress as a Commercial user and my typepad blogs were able to be integrated into that format.  However, the blogspot ones were not and I have been worried I might loose it all if I didn’t capture it all in a document.

So there we are 500 pages over 3 years and now I have it all in one document. You write stuff. Things happen, there is interaction from readers and it begins. I have 500 pages of interaction and oh so many stories. Textiles, textiles, textiles.

I have been studying Ibooks as a way to produce patterns and words and it occurred to me to put these stories into an Ibook.It’s not just a book. Its interactive and I will add the patterns I designed as I go through the motion of creating them.

In this format I can add video, beautiful images and even the presentations I do as lectures.. All you will need to do will be to  press a button.

Over Christmas, for a few hours each day I will be translating those words into the book, adding vision, 3 dimensional art, patterns and illustrations not seen before. I have to limit myself to two hours a day, so I don’t know how long it will take.

With the new iPad pro, I can also draw over the image and type. Each page will have notes, updated from the original and illustrated. (well that’s the plan anyway)  I’m on Chapter 2 already and I’m excited to share this will you all.


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  2. ellie garlow says

    Pam, Are you the Pam Holland who went to Endicott? This is a note from your Trexler dorm mate Ellie Schrumm….but before I write more let me see if I get on your site.


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