There’s a Hero in everybody’s heart



Heroes in my heart from holland on Vimeo.


I’ve been filming a small program over the past week about my  heroes.

 It’s a reminder of our personal journey over many, many years.

At this time of the year, for about 20 years we camped on Lake Bonney in scorching heat with about 100 or more friends. We ate communally, fished, swam, quilted and shopped. Our children loved it with a passion and continue the love by sharing the experiences with their children.

Grandson Kodi at his first Barmera.

sunset 2




We all have large families and to have a week of wind down was the best beginning to the year we could ask for.

Keith and I haven’t been for 10 years or so, but the memories are still some of the happiest days. I consider the friends  who traveled to far flung places to bring a small child back home to Australia, my Heroes.

In saying that I wonder who you consider a hero?

As I mentioned, my heroes are the families in our adoption group who some 40 years ago changed the lives of so many children. We all grew up together in happiness  and pain and its hard to come to terms with the fact that some are loosing their personal battles.

I also include my close personal friends, Miss Lisa Blevins and our team of volunteers in Alamogordo New Mexico. We make the sun shine for many and you are my hero’s. This will be our best year yet.

My mentors, Gay Jenkins, an older friend who lives in England. She has  wisdom and determination.

Kaye England for her guidance and belief in my career.
Ginger Geissler your generosity touches many.
Kathy Heydorn. Your determination through adversity is a lesson to all.
Mr Jim West who’s enthusiasm and talent is infections and makes happiness happen for 1000’s of people.

I treasure my friends who are honest and sincere and of course, our Bambinos and Grandies.

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  1. jim west says:

    thank you lovey, you have been my hero since I met you, both you and keith. may you both be blessed every day…… love you pam.

  2. Barbara Hahn says:

    This is beautiful! The music, the lyrics of the song, the photography, and the message. Thank you for sharing. Barb Hahn

  3. jewelscircle says:

    Happy New Year Pam

  4. jewelscircle says:

    Happy New Year Pam. We are blessed to know you and your art.

  5. Mary Kauffman says:

    You are one of my heroes Pam,
    Your generosity of spirit is amazing!
    Thank you for all that you do for the children of Otero County New Mexico!

  6. joshi daniel says:

    beautiful 🙂

  7. Lesley Hurt says:

    Loved this post. Wonderful photos of Lake Bonney, a lovely spot to meet and camp, we always stop there as we travel at least twice a year. My heroes are some very close friends who support, love and care through every joy and sadness and the most difficult times. We laugh, cry and travel through life together. Then of course there is my mum and my dear husband .

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