And the winners are. Houston Quilt Festival.

Reflections of Cape Town
by Cynthia England
The 2016 Handi Quilter Best of Show winner!


Suwon Hwasung, Mikyung Jang. Seodaemoon-Gu, Seoul South Korea.

Superior Threads Master Award for Thread Artistry for $5000





October Sky. Bethanne Nemesh, Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Pfaff Master Award for Machine Artistry for $5000





My Favorite Paisley, You Izumi, Hitachi-City, Ibaraki Japan

Robert S Cohan Master Award for Traditional Artistry for $5000


Bouquet Royale, Margaret Solomon Gunn, Gorham Maine.

World of Beauty Award for $7500


Baltimore in Bloom, Sally Magee, Heath, Texas.

Founders Award for $7500




Silk Road Sampler
by Melissa Sobotka
of Richardson, Texas

The Koala Studios Master Award for Innovative Artistry  $5,000




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  1. Carol Fish says:

    Cynthia England’s work is amazing. She truly paints with fabrics.

  2. tdspringer says:

    Wondering how an “exact” copy (as exact as anything except a photocopy can be) is an “interpretation” of another artist’s work? In art school this would be called an exercise and never allowed as a student’s own work and in the art world, this piece would not be allowed because it is NOT an interpretation. Is it beautiful? Absolutely. Is it technically excellent? Not being there (and not being a certified quilt judge) I can’t say but it looks great. Is it art? NO (the original work is art because it involved creativity and the interpretation of an image) because there is not an ounce of originality or creativity in it. It is no more art than if someone entered a paint-by-numbers and I have yet to see one of those entered in a legitimate art show as anything other than social commentary or satire.

    Of course, IQA is a quilt show, not an art show. However, they are disingenuous to call categories “Art” and then allow someone to make an exact copy and enter it as their work. Be honest. Call it what it is ….quilted copies of someone else’s art.

    Real artists, working in the medium of quilting, have been fighting for years to gain some measure of legitimacy in the world of fine art. IQA, AQS and other shows that have “art” categories and then allow unoriginal work have undone pretty much all the progress artists like Yvonne Porcella and others have made.

  3. Jan Williams says:

    Absolutely amazing, think I’ll give up now, xx

    1. Julie Beard says:

      I have to agree with Jan Williams comments. Therefore I too will therefore give up the idea of ever entering a quilt into houstons quilt festival! Brilliant work though by all. Jaw breaking in fact.

  4. Ann Shibut says:


  5. Joan says:

    Does any body know how to enter a quilt in the show? This is for a friend not me.

  6. Jan Hansen says:

    Amazing art makes me know I have a long way to get to this standard.
    Jan Hansen NZ

  7. Philip says:

    Are you aware of any museum in Houston that has quilt exhibit? I have a friend visiting.

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