We wish you a Merry Christmas, – things are changing.

It’s Christmas Day.

It’s just 7.00 am and there are no small children’s voices at our house like there used to be.     YET !

I wake on Christmas day and everything looks just a little nicer, the garden seems  brighter, the house is lovely  and there is the warm feeling  of expectation that accompanies the name, ‘Christmas Day’. In one way it’s a celebration of all we have been given for the past year.

I could press the magic button and go on Skype and visit with each family to watch the present unwrapping, but I’m relishing the silence and the sounds of the early morning, it’s going to be busy enough for the rest of the day.

The business of parcel preparation is over. (My pet peeve, I hate wrapping presents, specially the amount we need to do) The food is waiting to be cooked and this is only one of 3 times I’ve not done all the preparation.

We’ve  had Christmas at home for 49  years. It feels strange to be honest.  I feel a little sad in a way, but then again, its also going to be lovely. I may not fall  into  bed in sheer exhaustion tonight.

Christmas means we all have a break from the normal. We eat more than we should, the children are on holidays and life is indeed very Merry as they say.

We are lucky, I acknowledge that with every fibre of my being

Christmas has been tinged with an uncomfortable feeling of sadness. Two very close families almost only have their father lent to them for the day. Both men are suffering  from cancer and are close to passing. I can only imagine how their families feel. One keeps saying to oneself, it’s the way life is, but I can’t help but feel a little guilty that we have it so good.

7.00 pm.



Its over, the laughter, the chat, the children and the heat. We celebrated in fine style and as I mentioned previously we ate more than we should. The little people loved the cupcakes and Mr Ollie devoured an amazing amount. I wonder what the sugar fix will do to him tonight.

There was swimming and a lot of smiles. However, is this the passing of an era. Does it really mean that Keith and I are getting old.


The photos above are an experiment for a quilt. I have an idea.

To all of you. Happy Christmas where ever you live.

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  1. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Merry Christmas from SE Washington, USA! It is lightly snowing here and friend and family festivities will start in a couple hrs. Wishing you and yours the happiest of holiday seasons!

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