Walk the walk – images to make your day, International Quilt Festival 2015.

It’s not easy photographing the quilts, I had limited time, and sometimes the quilts are placed on   an angle so its difficult to place them square in the viewfinder. We all have to take our turn and you wait patiently for the persons in front of you to capture their images.

Then snap… so some of the images are a little crooked at times.

I would love to comment on the quilts, but I haven’t I guess its enough to say I like all that I’ve added to the blog. Well, in fact I like all the quilts on show  but its difficult to add the entire lot to the blog.

This category is Art Pictorial 

I may have them in the incorrect category as you go through, it was difficult to work it out sometimes. as I walked from one area to another.

Robbers Roost. by Joanne Baeth, Bonanza, Oregon. USA



Splash, by Denise Sargo. Sydney, NSW. Australia.


A totally different king of bird with his eye on you. by Anna Turek, San Juan Capistrano, California. USA
Ginkgo Breeze, by Pat Kroth, Verona, Wisconsin USA
Waiting for the Masters Hand, by Eileen Williams, Cedar Point, North Carolina. USA


Little Armored one, by Sonia Grasvik, Burien, Washington USA
Little Farm on the Prairie, by Enid Weichselbaum, Rochester, Minnesota, USA
Perseus Saving Andromeda, by Marilyn, Belford, Caldwell, New Jersey. USA

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  1. Swanee says:

    beautiful, inspiring, awesome! hard to believe these are quilts!

  2. Thanks for including my little farm in this wonderful company of quilts. Even with the big old wrinkles.

  3. Suzanne says:

    I took a class from Marilyn Belford! Fabric portraits and I fell in love with this painting with fabric. When I saw the bottom photo I knew it was hers before I read the name.

  4. Toni Hulick says:

    Love this, thank you. Robbers Roost is my fav.

  5. These are beautiful Pam, thanks for sharing for those of us who couldn’t be there in person.

  6. glendajean says:

    After looking at all those stunning quilts Pam I’m to exhausted to leave a comment LOL You are amazing; just to walk past so many quilts is a feat
    but to take several photo of them as well !!!!!! Glenda

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Morning Glenda, yes, indeed. Its a privilege to be there, and a joy to view the talent of others. I’m glad I could share just a little of the ambience.

  7. Edie Cornell-Smith says:

    Thanks for sharing those wonderful quilts.

  8. mickie says:

    Just ran across your pin…..wow photography. Keep on sharing with us.

  9. Ruth Daw says:

    Thank you for the lovely photos of these wonderful works of art.

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